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Consumer Reports names its top 10 cars for 2018 — and there are surprises (2/22/2018 10:46:00 AM)
Toyota continues to be a category crusher, but there are a few surprises this year.

Top Ford exec out for 'inappropriate behavior' (2/21/2018 3:53:00 PM)
Raj Nair, top Ford exec, ousted for 'inappropriate behavior'

Driverless taxi rides are headed your way this year (2/19/2018 10:40:49 AM)
Look Ma, no hands.

Jeep in hot water over ad with SUV romping in wild waters (2/14/2018 6:40:51 PM)
The head of one of the nation's largest fish conservation groups says Fiat Chrysler Super Bowl ads "glorified" the destruction of aquatic habitat in an apparent attempt to appeal to off-road thrill seekers.

Asleep at the wheel: Drowsy driving more dangerous than previously thought (2/8/2018 4:33:19 AM)
The results are likely to add impetus to the auto industry's high-tech efforts to prevent accidents when a motorist nods off.

VW exec suspended over monkey tests (2/1/2018 7:15:00 AM)
Volkswagen has suspended a top lobbyist for a test program that exposed live monkeys to diesel exhaust.

Tesla denies reports of Model 3 production snags (1/26/2018 8:20:00 AM)
Tesla is denying reports that it continues to face major manufacturing issues delaying the critical ramp-up of Model 3 production.

Trump's new tax plan might just make your new car more costly (1/21/2018 9:42:00 AM)
The new tax plan favors business purchases, but many taxpayers will end up having to shell out more money for their new car.

Delta cracks down on service animals allowed on board (1/19/2018 4:02:00 PM)
Delta says reports of "comfort" animals urinating and defecating or biting have spiked some 84 percent in the last few years, forcing the airline to clamp down.

We could be just one year away from driverless taxis (1/12/2018 9:06:00 AM)
GM hopes to roll out by 2019 a fleet of robocabs with no steering wheel or pedals, a move that could signify the beginning of the end of personal car ownership.