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October 2018
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School Daze - CANCELLED

**** CANCELLED ****

School Daze, a driving event allowing many sports car owners the opportunity to drive their car on a 2.25 mile road course at Pacific Raceways, is not presently being sponsored by CMCS. It may be restarted in the future if interest and circumstances permit.

School Daze has a long tradition with CMCS dating back to the 1960’s with two main goals in mind:

  1. Help people to become safe drivers in their cars.
  2. Enjoy the driving experience.

School Daze was not a competitive event. It allowed participants to learn important driving skills while gaining valuable experience behind the wheel of their car.

As a part of School Daze, we offered a ground school for participants where one can learn about Pacific Raceway’s road course. Ground school was held one week before the School Daze event and was a valuable segment of this program. We covered the many turns and the many idiosyncrasies of the course. Ground school was required for first-timers and was recommended for all participants.


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