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January 2019

It is hard to believe, but Christmas is almost here, and some of us have put our trusty steeds away for the winter.  I remember the days of driving C-1's and C-2's all year around and not thinking a thing about it, even when it seemed like there was no stopping rain leaks into the car.  It was all part of owning a Corvette back then, and it was just part of the deal to work on the cars constantly to keep them in good tune.  I was reminded of that recently when Joyce and I took our C-6 to Sonoma and back.  The car never skipped a beat, went through the Siskiyous with no effort, and got almost 30 MPG with great comfort.  Talk about advances in automotive technology........

CMCS was well represented at the annual NWACC Banquet in Tacoma recently with many of our members receiving awards and our club receiving the Participation award, as has been our practice for several years.  CMCS had the honor of hosting the event this year, and it was a financial success, with lots in interest in the raffle items.  I have Brian Luessen and Joyce Jones to thank for the many attractive raffle prizes.  Many of the 75 NWACC members in attendance went home with prizes.  Indications are that the banquet will be in Portland next year and it is always an evening of fun and fellowship, not to be missed.

Marty Cameron and Judy Jewell put together the annual CMCS Thanksgiving gathering and feast in Bellevue recently and made it look easy, as usual.  This is always an event full of great enjoyment and fine food.  There were even some auction items this year which added to the entertainment.  Thanks to everyone contributing to this fun evening.

Our next event is the annual Christmas party at the Everett Golf and Country Club on Saturday, December 8th.  This is a luncheon beginning at noon, which is great for those not wanting to drive distances in the evening.  We have had holiday events there in the past, and the facility and decorations reminds me of something out of the movie "Holiday Inn".  All we would need would be snow to complete the image.  There is a new Chef and menu this year, and it will certainly be a delightful afternoon.  Be sure to bring a "White Elephant" type gift not to exceed $10 in value, one gift PP.

Happy Holidays to all and we can look forward to the coming year with lots of fun activities in the club.  See you soon.

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