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Shaun Hayes

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2-Year Board

Marv Scott

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Vice President

Alton Loe

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1 Year Board

Kevin Jewel

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Kevin Wilson

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Past President

Ken Jones

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Robert Stone

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Bruce Boyd

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Chairpersons& Event Coordinators

2019 XXX All Corvette Show:  Shaun Hayes

Activities:     Kevin Jewell

Adopt A Highway:  Dave Cayton

Autocross:  Kevin Jewell

Charity:  Marty Cameron

Historian:  Position Open

Newsletter:  Oran Petersen

Parades:  John Kamm

Radios:  Alton Loe

Facebook: Linda Scott

Webmaster:  Alton Loe


NCRS:     Gary Main

NWACC:   Ken Jones

NCM:     Kevin Wilson

Sponsor Liaison:     Joe Powell

Twitter:  Search on Twitter for @CMCS63

Corvette Marque Club of Seattle       PO Box 534       Kirkland, WA. 98083-0534

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