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C7 Z51 wheels for Sale

  • July 31, 2022 8:56 AM
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    2015 C7 Z51 machined face wheels, summer tires and pressure sensors $650     $550 or make offer.

    Rear wheels are in excellent condition.

    Front wheels have some curb scuff marks; one wheel is hardly noticeable the other one is very noticeable.

    Rear tires have a little life left in them; they are not down to the wear bars yet. They do have 30K miles on them. They would be good for at least a couple good track days.

    Front tires one has a lot of usable life left, but the other is well used and has 30K miles on it.

    The pressure sensors are all from 2015 time and working when removed from the car.

    Contact me at  or

    cell phone 425.577.8937

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