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We hope it is interesting for you and provides insight into what our club is all about. Our club has something for everyone:  Day Tours, Overnight Trips, Car Shows, Autocross, Adopt-a-highway, Charity, Socials, Wine Tours and more.

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  I hope that the weather has gotten better by the time that you read this, and most of the snow has gone away. Our club has members over a wide range of the Pacific Northwest, from Sequim on the west to North Bend on the east, not to mention those in Idaho and Montana. No one was spared from our winter storms and, the last I heard, the National Guard was coming to the rescue of some snowbound North Bend folks. While stuck at home, I thought back to the 1980 classic film “The Shining” staring Jack Nicholson, which was based on a Steven King book about a family who spent an entire winter alone in a huge mountain resort hotel in the Colorado Rockies.          

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Here's a real treat.  Watch this video promoting the All Corvette Car show at the XXX Root Beer Drive In, July 28, 2019

Recommendation:  Watch in full screen with your volume turned up!



Come Join the 54th Annual CMCS Wet Weekend on Saturday, March 30 through Sunday, March 31.  We are Bellingham Bound!  While we visited Bellingham in 2018, there will be lots of new things to see and experience on this Wet Weekend.  Be one of the first to register!  See the Wet Weekend Event page for complete details.



I just posted a C5 roadster on the FOR SALE forum that might interest you.  Plus there are tires and other Corvette things that might interest you.

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