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WHO: Every One Welcome

WHAT: MAY Monthly Meeting

WHEN: May 9th, 2020, Noon for lunch, Meeting starts at 1pm

WHERE:  Taster's Wok, 15128 Highway 99, Lynnwood WA


  • Taster's Wok has a semi-private room for us. 
  • There is plenty of parking.   
  • Lunch is not busy on Saturday, but dinner is. 
    • Thai and Chinese menu, and also soups/salads/ seafood plates (tempura?) etc. 
  • They have a lunch menu that is valid on Sat during our visit. 
  • Tested and approved by your new Activities Chair Kevin Jewell. 
    • Kevin says he had Phad Thai, egg flower soup, small salad, for main course the Phad Thai and also fried rice. 
    • Quite good and very inexpensive. 
    • Judy selected from a “healthy menu”.

Order off the menu, individual checks.

Please register by May 6th so we can give the restaurant an idea of how many will show!  

No need for a club radio for this event.  

Want to know more about the C8?  This video takes you step by step through the new car, from the sequential turn signals, the two rear facing cameras, the improved front camera view and all of the buttons and switches.  This is almost like reading the owner's manual.  Click  HERE  to see the video.

The C8 Does Have a Front Plate Holder

See the link to take a look ----------------->


Click   HERE  

The C8 is here!  You can build you own 2020 Corvette using the site below:

CLICK  HERE  to build your 2020 C8

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