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Welcome to our home page! 

We hope it is interesting for you and provides insight into what our club is all about. Our club has something for everyone:  Day Tours, Overnight Trips, Car Shows, Autocross, Adopt-a-highway, Charity, Socials, Wine Tours and more.

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In every member study we have done, our members indicate that tours are high on their list of activities.  Thursday, July 30, CMCS has planned an all-day tour to Mt Baker.  Picnic Point at Mt Baker gets very crowded on weekends, so we will be touring on a weekday.  We realize that weekdays don’t work for everyone, but then not even weekends work for everyone.  Please sign up for the tour on the web site.  There is a practical limit as to how many people we can manage on the tour, parking at picnic point (which can still be busy on a weekday), and at our lunch stop.  If we have high interest, we will look at adding another tour day to accommodate, which is why we request that if you're interested that you sign up on the web site.  There will be more information as we get closer to the date, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to put this tour on your calendar.  Hope to see you there. 

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Want to drive your Corvette on a track?  Check this out:   AutoSports 

Want to know more about the C8?  This video takes you step by step through the new car, from the sequential turn signals, the two rear facing cameras, the improved front camera view and all of the buttons and switches.  This is almost like reading the owner's manual.  Click  HERE  to see the video.

The C8 Does Have a Front Plate Holder

See the link to take a look ----------------->


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The C8 is here!  You can build you own 2020 Corvette using the site below:

CLICK  HERE  to build your 2020 C8

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