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  • September 12, 2020 Club Meeting & Whidbey Island Tour

September 12, 2020 Club Meeting & Whidbey Island Tour

  • September 12, 2020
  • 8:00 AM
  • Starbucks 19813 WA 2, Monroe Plaza, Woods Creek Rd


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September 12, 2020 General Meeting & Whidbey Island Tour

CMCS driving tour and general meeting, September 12, 2020.  

Gather on Sept 12, about 8 AM, with departure at 8:30 AM Sharp.  Leaving from Starbucks, 19813 WA 2, Monroe Plaza.

Click here to see map of meeting place: Meet Here

We are all watching the news and can conclude that Covid 19 is not going away soon.  

Consequently, we have put together a tour and general meeting for Sept 12. 

The all-day tour will leave Monroe and end at Ft Casey on Whidbey Island for a picnic and general meeting. 

There are multiple picnic tables available, and even more wide open grass areas where we can spread out in our folding chairs and maintain some distance. 

The weather is generally still good in early September, so we will hope for the best. 

Check the weather here: Seattle Weather

In the event of bad weather we will forego the club meeting and continue to Langley for lunch. 

Ft Casey is a State park and we will need a State Discover Pass.  If you don’t already have one, you can purchase on line or at the park kiosk a single day pass ($10) or annual pass ($30). 

After the meeting,  tour the battlements and the big guns that were installed during WWI to protect the entrance to Puget Sound. 

We have options after the picnic/meeting. 

You could continue to Langley to visit the town and shops.  The Clinton ferry terminal is only a few miles from Langley to catch the ferry to Mukilteo. 

Check the return ferry schedule here:  Schedule

Or you can drive back up the island to take the freeway home.  The tour is about 110 miles to Ft Casey, and about 135 miles to Langley. 

We are doing what we can to provide some opportunities to safely get together during these trying times. 

State Park Discovery Pass: $10/day, $30/year.

Some suggested stops for Langley lunch:

Village Pizzeria, 106 1st St.               

Salt Water Fish House & Oyster Bar, 113 1st St.

Braeburn Rest., 197 2nd St.             

S. Whidbey Commons, 124 2nd St.

Useless Bay Coffee, 121 2nd St.

Prima Bistro, 115 1st St.

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