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  • August 11, 2024
  • 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sanderson Field, Shelton, WA


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Autocross August 11, 2024

The club participates in two autocross sessions during the Autocross Weekend.  Both are held at an abandoned landing strip at the Shelton Airport in Shelton Washington.  The event on Saturday is sponsored and run by the Viper Club.  The event on Sunday is put on by the NWACC organization.  NWACC stands for NorthWest Association of Corvette Clubs and CMCS is a member of that group.

If you want to participate in these events, please RSVP here so we will know you are wanting to come and we will put you on our email list for these events. 

But an RSVP will not get you access to either event.  YOU MUST REGISTER WITH EACH SPONSORING GROUP!

To register with the Viper club click  HERE     

To register with NWACC click  HERE  

You should pay for each event on line in advance.  The cost depends on if you are a member of CMCS or of the Viper club.  Membership is not expensive in either organization. If you are a member of CMCS you get a discount on the NWACC events.

We usually have a caravan you can join on Saturday morning.  We arrive about 7 AM at the Shelton airport. 

Upon arrival we check-in, prepare the car and our site then walk the track to learn it. The events start at 9:am or earlier.

Emails are sent out prior to each event notifying attendees of departure times and locations if you want to travel with the group.  Otherwise, we will see you there.  

You should bring your club radio.  

New to Autocross?  Check out these links:

You Tube Video

Autocross School Manual

Alton's Shelton 60 Second Run

If you have questions please contact Kevin Jewell.  You can send Kevin an email by clicking  HERE  

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